Simply, a group of freelance designers, stylists, tanners and manufacturers from all corners of this planet: from Miami to Milan to Mumbai, Boston to Beijing, Rio to Rome, LA to London, New York to Paris, Georgetown to Cape Town to Jonestown, Iceland to Portland, braving the cruel weather of Times, was pooled together by Footwear under a common platform to display such an amazing reservoir of talents, expertise and craftsmanship. The global uncertainties and corporate inertia have made it a choice for this dynamic group of creative people to sync with Ego and Greed. Now, Ego and Greed has a major challenge with one mission, one goal: Bringing to you, nothing less than the best. That goal and aim is to meet customer expectation at every aspect of one’s shopping experience... Our products are created equal with the touch of love and elegance! On some accounts, Ego and Greed may be new to you but some of its associates have been designing and crafting shoes, hand-bags, belts and accessories to embellish the great catwalks, runways of many fashion metropolises and meeting the needs of major North American & European exquisite boutiques and upscale department stores. With this philosophy imbued in its conviction, Ego and Greed Product Team is working assiduously with its branding associates to offer the finest selection of merchandise in workmanship and fashion. Ego and Greed our story is short and has just begun! So, join us on this new journey where people matters and where you are really given a unique opportunity to shop and create a lifestyle.